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How To Get Verified On Twitter

Twitter verification is one of the most coveted forms of social media validation. It’s like getting a gold star from your teacher, or a seal of approval from the queen – it’s an indication that you’ve arrived, and that people are taking notice. So how to get verified on Twitter?

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as simply asking. But in this article, we’ll walk you through the process and give you some tips on how to make your account stand out. Keep reading to find out more!

How To Get Verified On Twitter

There are a few different ways to get verified on Twitter. Let’s take a look at them, and talk about how you can apply the methods we outline here to make yourself eligible for verification.

1. Apply For Verification On Twitter:

The simplest (and least likely) way to get verified on Twitter is by applying directly through the website. If you’re already a well-known public figure, your chances of approval are high – but even then, this method is unlikely to work.

You can apply on Twitter by filling out a form and submitting it using the online interface ( click here  to go straight there). But remember: success isn’t guaranteed; we’ve known people who have applied and been turned down.

Plus, applications take time – so if you want to ensure that your account gets verified as quickly as possible, you might be better off working from an alternative strategy below…

2. Hire Someone To Do It For You:

Twitter verification can be a quick and painless process – but you’ll have to pay someone to do it for you.

This isn’t as expensive or complicated as it sounds, though: there are plenty of reliable companies offering Twitter verification services at affordable prices.

They handle the whole process on your behalf, submitting your application form directly through the system. It’s fully automated, so you don’t have to lift a finger – just sit back and wait for that little blue tick mark!

3. Get A Lot Of Followers And Retweets:

Although this method is less likely than hiring someone else to do it (remember, Twitter has stricter criteria these days), getting lots of followers could make your account eligible for instant approval.

If you get a lot of engagement (meaning replies and retweets), your profile might get flagged as an authority, and you’ll be fast-tracked through the verification process.

Be Warned:

This isn’t a guaranteed way to get verified on Twitter. You could put lots of work into increasing your followers; but if you don’t tweet interesting or engaging content, people won’t bother retweeting it.

On top of that, Twitter has been clamping down on fake accounts recently – so they’re more likely than ever to spot any cheap tactics designed to boost your stats artificially.

If you want to do things the right way, focus on providing good value for potential followers… not trying to trick them into following you!

4. Tweet A Lot Of Good Content:

This is the golden ticket method that everyone’s been looking for. If you want to get verified on Twitter, just focus on tweeting great content – relevant, interesting tweets that provide something valuable to your audience.

Imagine if every time you tweeted, people started running in their thousands to follow you… and then retweeted your updates so that they could share in your genius!

This would go a long way towards convincing Twitter that they should elevate your status from “user” to “Twitter celebrity”; someone people care about following.

5. Be Extraordinary:

Yes, we know it sounds like one of those generic click-bait titles designed to fool you into reading an article full of meaningless platitudes… but in this case, it’s 100% true!

For one reason or another, Twitter has decided that the best way to identify a celebrity is by looking for people who are already exceptional.

If you’re not extraordinary in your own right – but still want to get verified on Twitter – focus on becoming well-known in your field. Be an expert at what you do; someone worth following.


Twitter verification isn’t easy. It’s a long process and not one that you can influence directly by yourself.

Like most things in life, the best thing to do is to keep plugging away – tweeting interesting content, retweeting other people’s tweets, building up your followers… all of this will help your account become more eligible for verification over time.

But if you want this kind of status immediately, consider hiring someone else to do it for you!

I hope this has been helpful!

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